Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day!

The relationship of mothers and their children is a topic that we often address when we write about the different baskets we represent. Our weavers are almost all women. They weave at home, at the end of the day or during breaks from their farming duties.
Shona Artist Letwin Mugavasi & Family

The weavers are not only earning income to support their families, but they are also keeping alive a tradition that has been passed on from mother to daughter for many generations.

Often the purpose or creation of a basket is steeped in tradition, as well:
·      Large Ukhamba baskets are traditional wedding presents;
·      In Kenya, a bride’s grandmother will present her with jewelry in a beaded woven box;
·      The natural dyes used for many of our baskets are carefully guarded family recipes, so baskets made by mother and daughter often have similar styles.

By purchasing one of these unique baskets, you are contributing to the preservation of African culture and the weavers’ financial independence.

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